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Metal roofing has been quickly catching up to asphalt shingles in the roofing market. This is because metal roofing has more benefits than asphalt. Asphalt shingles may be less expensive, but metal roofing will surely last longer. Likewise, one type of metal roofing is the Tapered Panels Metal Roof. This type of roofing has a pitch or slope to its shape. This slope is due to its insulation which helps water to slide off. Tapered panels can also approximately lessen your expense by 26%. How so? This roofing does not need a screed on top.

Unlike most metal roofing. This screed requires a little bit more time for it to set. Plus, Tapered Panels Metal Roof is lightweight! Less structural support needed. This is what makes it easy to deal with for most workers.

Why Draining Water Is Important

Letting the water sit on your roof for a long time causes long-term problems. Some of which are the following:

Damage to the structure may happen once ponding water is not drained. The material of your roof may not be able to deal with the weight of all the water on your roof. With water accumulating, the potential risk for algae and vegetation to grow increases. Algae and vegetation thrive in these areas where water is abundant.

That is their habitat. The material of your roofing may thereby suffer due to the chemical and physical changes it is undergoing. Moreover, the biological growth of these species is not consistent. It all depends on the wet and dry cycles of the year. Vegetation may cause debris to pile up as well. The accumulation of debris also promotes biological growth. Furthermore, once all the water dries up, the debris left may contract and cause damage to the surface of your roofing.

Two more of the potential risks are ice formation and water seeping into your house/building. Ice may form depending on the season. With this inconsistency, ice may scratch at the roofing’s surface to the point the overall structure may be compromised. Ponding water may also seep into your building. This happens once the overall structure has been damaged. All these risks intensify one another and cause a domino effect. Standing/ponding water decreases the lifespan of your roofing.

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Avoiding Standing/Ponding Water

A sloping roof system is the best to avoid such risks with a good drainage system. However, if your roofing structure does not have a slope, it is best to use a tapered panels insulation system. With Tapered Panels Metal Roof, you are able to avoid unnecessary risks. Because tapered panels have a positive drainage system and roofing slope.

Metal Roofing vs Asphalt Shingles

Metal is lighter than asphalt. Asphalt shingles may weigh approximately 200 pounds every square foot. However, different textures may weigh differently. Some even weigh 500 pounds.

Metal is more durable and resistant. This type of roofing may last you decades because it is very fire-resistant and heavy weather-resistant. This can withstand strong winds, even the ones going at a rate of 140-mph. Metals cannot be eaten away by insects as well. The material is very hard, unlike other roofing options.

Metal is more environmentally-friendly. This is because of its reflective surface. Solar radiation is reflected off of its surface. Asphalt, however, absorbs heat into the building. With less heat being absorbed, less cooling will be used. Less cooling used means less money spent.

Types of Metal

A variety of metals can be used for metal roofing. This includes aluminum, copper, zinc, and steel. Aluminum is a metal that does not need to be coated. This is best used for those with proximity to saltwater. Unlike other metal options, aluminum does not easily corrode to saltwater. Despite its resistance against corrosion, it is more expensive than the others.

Copper has been used for a very long time in the roofing industry. It can even date back to our ancestors. This is due to how long-lasting its life expectancy is. However, it can easily be dented especially in regions that are prone to hail. Copper is more prone to denting because it is a softer metal than the other ones. It is definitely more on the expensive side as well.

Zinc is a metal that can easily be manipulated into several shapes. It is long-lasting as well that it can even last for a hundred years! However, it does chalk over time. But there is nothing to worry about. The chalking can be easily controlled with maintenance. Steel is the cheapest metal compared to the other ones. Even better, it can now imitate other types of metal even the most expensive ones. It is one of the hardest metals out there as well that it can stand even against hail. Because of this, steel became the preferred option for regions prone to hail.

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Every coating and every type of metal is available for you. This is so you could weigh your choices and choose which would suit you best in terms of cost and appearance. You may choose from aluminum, zinc, copper, and steel!

Metal roofing may also be hard to install (especially Tapered Panels Metal Roofing). Our team, however, has the expertise and has been trained for the proper installation of metal roofing. Why must you need a proper installation?

Metal roofing is a roofing option that can withstand the hardest of weather types. However, if installed incorrectly, this is where all the problems begin. You may still suffer from ponding water if your Tapered Panels Metal Roof has not been installed efficiently.

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